Awarded several times for its actions in favor of the Breton language, STERED stands out and since its creation arouses the interest of the Breton and national media.

STERED’s DNA since 2009

The Breton language is an essential component of STERED. From its launch in 2009, the brand announced the color: a Breton name (STERED stands for Stars), a trilingual website (French, Breton, English), bilingual communication campaigns (French-Breton), fully bilingual labelling, and especially the Breton language which is displayed in large print on the collections. For the first time in Brittany, a ready-to-wear brand uses the Breton language as a standard.
STERED is quickly noticed by the Office de la Langue Bretonne. Barely created, the institution awards him the Prize of the Future of the Breton Language (Prizioù an Dazont). The press became interested in the brand, which began to make a name for itself among the British-speaking public and beyond.
The adventure is launched...

Yes to the Breton language

The following year, STERED was awarded the label "Ya d'ar brezhoneg"* (Yes to the Breton language) in recognition of the concrete actions implemented for the use and promotion of the Breton language in the company. STERED is the first company in Ille-et-Vilaine to be awarded this label.
During the ceremony, Mrs Lena Louarn, President of the Office de la langue bretonne encourages the creators of the brand to continue their commitment to Breton and welcomes the “modern image of the Breton language conveyed by STERED” as well as the “high level of Breton used by the brand”.

Léna Louarn presents to STERED the Label "Oui à la langue bretonne" on 19/01/2010

* The Ya d'ar brezhoneg label is one of the tools proposed by the Office to enable Breton to progress in public life.

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