Our online shop is equipped with the CITELIS payment module from CREDIT MUTUEL Bank. This secure system is designed so that each payment is made directly between the user and the bank’s secure server, on behalf of the merchant.

The exchange of card data, number and due date, is done through SSL* encryption between the browser and the bank server. They will check the card systematically and ask your bank for payment authorization.

The bank server is protected and keeps the card numbers securely. After the transaction has been validated, he is responsible for debiting the account from the card and crediting the merchant’s account. At no time will the details of the card be transmitted to the merchant server, who will therefore not have to worry about the protection of this data. You can pay for your purchases simply and with confidence.

* SSL: Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol for transporting information between your browser and a server, in which the information is encrypted by a key specific to this exchange. This key is negotiated automatically between your browser and the server when the secure session is initialized. It makes the exchanged information unintelligible for third parties.

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