The creation of a STERED product is the result of a long development process and a complex manufacturing process. Before coming into your hands, our clothes were fashioned by many people involved: graphic designers, model makers, knitters, dry cleaners, designers, screen printers, passementiers, etc.


Combed cotton, scrubbed fleece, heavy stitch… Since the beginning, we have been offering clothes made from noble materials of first choice that do not pose a danger to your health (no pesticide residues in plant fibres, chemical treatments in mesh and fabric).


Washes or dyeing primers specifically developed for our collections are applied to the mesh to bring softness, aplomb and fluidity to the clothes leaving our production lines.


Every detail is carefully studied to ensure durability, solidity and functionality of the final product.
Metal zippers, seams, mesh treatments… From the development of cuts to the smallest finishes, nothing is left to chance. The different printing techniques as well as our borderies whose manufacture is appreciated by the regularity of the points and the homogeneity of the delayage are again perfectly mastered and prepared with care.

This quest for perfection makes each STERED garment an original piece, simple and comfortable, that lasts over time.

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